Current Presentations & Workshops

Sit and sign book events for Wanted! Mountain Cedars, Dead and Alive

Mountain Cedar Management Field Workshop

$450 + travel ($25/hour), 30 people maximum

Mountain Cedar (Ashe Juniper) as Groundwater Protectors, Powerpoint presentation

$100 for Zoom

$250 + travel ($25/hour) for in-person

Private Property Consultation & Education

$200 first 2 hours, then $75/hour + travel ($25/hour)

Venmo or check payments accepted


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Radio & TV

C E N T R A L   T E X A S   G A R D E N E R

discussing the harmful effects of gravel-scaping'  

H I L L   C O U N T R Y    E C O L O G I C A L    P L A N N I N G   &   R E G E N E R A T I O N

Photo by Nik Farrell at the Blue Hole Regional Park in Wimberley

Photo by Linda Lehmusvirta in the KLBJ studio