Planning & Consulting

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Mountain Cedar Management

On-site consultations and long-term planning.

Wildlife Valuation Planning

Produce 5-year plans for Hill Country properties with existing agriculture valuation. Focus on nature-based solutions to enhance biodiversity and land resources. Assist with 1-d-1 transition from agriculture to wildlife management.

Karst Country Best Land Use Assessment & Reports

Assess vegetation, soil, and karst country (limestone bedrock + shallow soils) conditions. Determine best land uses based on current conditions, and potential future land uses based on the implementation of prescribed nature-based solutions.

Wildfire Risk Assessment

Urban wildland interface assessment to reduce wildfire risk.

Rewilding (Natural Regeneration)

Develop long-term rewilding plans. Can be applied to projects as large as thousands of acres to as small as a residential backyard.

Nature Park Assessment & Conceptual Planning

Map out ecological zones, identify primary plant communities and successional status, provide long-term management strategies that focus on nature-based solutions, and provide written and illustrated conceptual plans.

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